How a Child Specialist Can Help You and Your Child

As parents navigating separation or divorce, you want to do what is best for your children. However, it is not always easy to work together or know what to do or say. Resources are available to help you both consider the impact of restructuring your family and provide ideas on how to reduce risk for your children.

While there are no single answers that fit all families, tools like the online help page can provide useful information about co-parenting or other relevant divorce/separation related topics. Many parents find that while books and webpages are helpful for basic education, they lack consideration of their unique children and family situation.

Families looking for more specific support and input individually tailored to their family and their children’s needs will find educational/consultation support from a child specialist valuable.

A child specialist helps you as a parent:

· Understand the impact of separation on your child

· Talk openly about your thoughts and feelings about and with your child.

· Create a child-centered parenting plan that addresses your child-related issues and concerns.

· Have an ongoing resource as an alternative to court.

A child specialist helps your child by:

· Giving the child a chance to express feelings, thoughts and concerns about what is happening.

· Encouraging the child to feel safe and supported throughout the separation.

· Providing a number of different ways to manage stress and emotions during the separation period.

· Giving an avenue to feel heard by you as parents through the child specialist—“voice not a choice”.

If you have questions about child specialist services or would like to discuss your options regarding separation or divorce related processes, please contact Casey Holtz, Ph.D. (414) 810-7647 or the Family Mediation Center (414) 939-6707.

Link to sample parenting guide:

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