Mediation Services

Family Mediation Center allows you to work with an integrated divorce and separation team to fulfill your unique family needs. A team may include a lawyer mediator, a financial neutral, a child/family specialist, and other resources as needed. We can help with issues related to:

Divorce, Legal Separation
• Understand and navigate the divorce or legal separation process
• Gather and understand financial information and options
• Discuss current and future impact of financial and child-related decisions
• Mutually create agreements

Same Sex, Domestic Partners, and Non-Married CouplesCouple_Parents
• Create a separation agreement
• Establish child custody and placement arrangements
• Address the unique needs of couples and families
• Understand legal options

Special Needs
• Meet the specific needs of a child, adult child, or partner with disabilities
• Establish a special needs trust to manage and maintain benefits
• Fulfill unique individual or family priorities

• Adjust maintenance (alimony) or child support based on new economic circumstances
• Establish new placement schedules or child-related decisions

Elder Law
• Address health care and financial planning upon divorce
• Understand the impact of divorce on public benefits

Your Issues – Our Help!

Family Mediation Center is a leader in mediation with sites throughout southeast Wisconsin. We help couples considering separation and/or divorce. To schedule a joint education meeting, please call 414-939-6707.