Mediation Team

Divorce is more than a legal problem.
Our approach includes interactive team relationships between clients and neutral professionals to assure a positive and cost-effective process. In addition to the lawyer mediator, child and financial specialists are available to meet each family’s unique needs.

Role of the Clients
● Be respectful, transparent, and cooperative
● Actively and honestly communicate
● Provide necessary information and homework
● Consider the interests and needs of your spouse/partner and children
● Focus on the big picture, long term goals, and current/future impact on your family

Role of the Lawyer Mediator
● A licensed lawyer a neutral third-party educator and guide through the legal process
● Drafts court-required legal documents
● Assures a full exchange of information and informed decisions
● Promotes communication to help clients create a reasonable resolution
● Connects with any specialists and consulting lawyers to assure efficiency

Role of the Child Specialist
● A licensed mental health professional with expertise in children and families
● Meets with parents to assist with how to tell children and help with family changes
● Meets with children to bring their “voice” into the process
● Provides child-focused feedback to assist with family transitions
● Helps parents communicate and create a workable co-parenting plan

Role of the Financial Neutral/Specialist
● A licensed financial professional with expertise in separation and divorce issues
● Reviews and analyzes income, assets and debts, including analysis of tax effects
● Assures both clients understand all financial information to make informed decisions
● Assists in generating options and understanding of current and future financial impact
● Provides neutral and creative input to support positive financial outcomes for the family


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